Connecting You to Exceptional Investment Managers

At Moonrock Investments, we take a streamlined and methodical approach to manager selection, designed to deliver proactive and responsible portfolio managers.

The top-tier investment managers we recommend you leverage our proven investment research philosophy to create investment solutions that match your objectives and risk tolerance. Our open architecture platform offers a range of strategies, carefully tailored to your needs.

● Liquid Strategies: Equities, Bonds, and Funds.
● Illiquid Strategies: Private Market Funds and Alternative Investments

The Art of Mastering Manager Selection

Precision Manager Selection

Our rigorous selection process adheres to the due diligence required to ensure that you invest in stability and growth. Our six-stage manager selection process includes:

● Manager Scoring
● Quantitative Analyses
● Qualitative Evaluation
● Portfolio Analyses
● Product Evaluation
● Final Approval

Preferred Manager Traits

To allocate professionals with the caliber to offer practical insights to guide your investment decisions, our selection criteria emphasizes specific attributes:

● High Active Share
● Intrinsic Value and Margin of Safety-Driven Approaches
● Manager-As-Investor Mentality
● Alignment with Clients
● Independence from External Influences
● Exclusion from Large Bank Platforms

Proactive Manager Monitoring

We place your investments in the hands of seasoned managers known for their unwavering commitment to robust research practices.

● Strategic Investing
● Precision Tailoring
● Optimized Diversification
● Robust Research Cultures
● Fundamentally-Driven Investment Styles

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